Unforgettable 2017

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Title: Unforgettable
Studio: Warner Bros.
Director: Denise Di Novi
Screenplay: David Leslie Johnson, Christina Hodson
Cast and crew:  Katherine Heigl, Rosario Dawson, Geoff Stults, Isabella Rice, Cheryl Ladd, Simon Kassianides, Whitney Cummings, Robert Wisdom
Genre: Thriller
Budget: $12 million
Running time: 100 minutes

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Unforgettable is a 2017 American erotic thriller film directed by Denise Di Novi (in her directorial debut) and written by Christina Hodson and David Leslie Johnson. The film stars Katherine Heigl, Rosario Dawson, Geoff Stults, Isabella Rice and Cheryl Ladd and follows a divorcée who begins to torment the new fiancé of her ex-husband.

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There’s a trash can, and then there’s a good trash can. “Unforgettable” enters the second category. Bright, shiny and sparkling watery villainy knows exactly what kind of film it is and shakes its head.

The story of two beautiful women involved in the war on the same beautiful and handsome man is not a complete parody of the sexual tension thrilling at the beginning of the ’80s and early 90s, a product of the feeling of guilt, but with the 2009 Obsessed. But master producer Denise Di Novi (“Heathers”, “Fraternal Pants Brotherhood”, “Crazy, Stupid, Love”) is the first director to become conscious of this preoccupation.

About Unforgettable 2017 Film

Tessa Connover is barely coping with the end of her marriage when her ex-husband, David, becomes happily engaged to Julia. Trying to settle into her new role as a wife and a stepmother, Julia believes she has finally met the man of her dreams, the man who can help her put her own troubled past behind her. Tessa’s jealousy takes a pathological turn, and she will stop at nothing to turn Julia’s dream into the ultimate nightmare.

The next day, Julia is getting ready for a bath when she hears the doorbell ring. While she’s downstairs checking, Tessa breaks into the house and steals David’s watch, wedding ring, and a pair of Julia’s panties. The doorbell was rung by a deliveryman, carrying flowers sent anonymously by Tessa to make it look like Julia is having an affair. Julia angrily slams the door and goes back upstairs. That afternoon, Julia takes Lilly to a farmer’s market but she runs away while Julia takes a phone call. After a few minutes of frantic searching, she finds Lilly in Tessa’s arms, who is complaining to David about the incompetence of Julia’s role as a mother. Tessa shows up at the house again sometime later and Julia yells at her about trying to get back into her husband’s life. After a brief argument, Tessa drives away. That afternoon, the two have lunch together to try and reconcile, and Tessa reveals the reason that she left David was because he was having an affair. That night, Tessa mails Michael the watch, ring, and panties.

A few days later, Tessa attempts to get Lilly to ride an unruly horse at her riding practice. Julia, who is also there, notices how scared Lilly is and convinces her to come down and takes her home, much to Tessa’s annoyance. That night, Julia sees David flirting with another woman at a dinner party, and the two have heated sex in the bathroom, interspersed with scenes of Tessa pleasuring herself while she messages Michael about how much she wants him, pretending to be Julia.

Tessa cuts off Lilly’s long hair as a punishment for leaving riding practice early, which Julia notices when Tessa drops her off that afternoon. The two have a heated argument on the stairs before Tessa throws herself down them and pretends the Julia pushed her when David arrives a few minutes later. He takes her to a hospital then comes back home and berates Julia for treating his ex-wife so badly before revealing that he left Tessa because she was cheating on him, not the other way around as Tessa claimed on the lunch date.. The next day, Julia calls Ali over to investigate Tessa’s past, and the two discover that she has history of violent and unpredictable episodes.

After a series of increasingly heated meetings between the two women, Tessa finally messages Michael, asking him to come to her. Michael breaks into the house while Julia is making breakfast, and she is noticeably upset at his presence. He then attacks and tries to rape her, but she stabs him in the leg with a kitchen knife and escapes the house. Tessa, who was waiting outside the whole time, puts gloves on and enters the house, killing Michael by stabbing him in the heart.

The police are notified, and Julia is taken into questioning, but they release her due to circumstantial evidence. David then finds out about Michael and a tearful Julia explains her relationship with him. David heads to Tessa’s house to see Lilly, but after seeing burned gloves in the fireplace, realizes that Tessa set up Julia for the murder. She knocks him out with a fireplace poker and goes into the kitchen to get a first-aid kit. Julia realizes what has happened and drives over, getting Lilly out of the house while Tessa is busy in the kitchen. Julia tries to call 911, but is discovered by Tessa and the two fight in the hallway, ending with Julia smashing Tessa’s head into a glass picture frame, apparently knocking her out. She crawls into the living room to revive David, but is surprised by Tessa, who wasn’t knocked out, holding a knife. She tries to kill Julia, but after looking in the mirror and realizing the monster she has become, stabs herself in the heart. With her last words, she begs Julia to not let her daughter remember her like this. David wakes up as the police arrive.

Six months later, David, Julia, and Lilly have adopted a dog and moved into a new house, apparently moved on from Tessa’s rampage. There is a knock at the door and Julia opens it, revealing Tessa’s mother, wanting to see her granddaughter. Julia looks on in horror as she hugs Lilly, promising to make things the way they used to be.



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